Welding rods

  • but why should welding rods be the one material you can't make?

    It used to be that when you tried to make them, there was a bug that took you to the recycling factory, but invited you to make something else (I can't remember what, probably glue guns) by mistake.

    Now it just doesn't do anything when you tap welding rods..

    It's a very annoying bug, and I've been waiting ages to randomly find some when I tear down a car..

  • I'm the same have 2x expensive cars repaired bar needing welding rods for the last item on each.

    Been buying cars and breaking them from expensive to cheap to get the numbers up to try and get a rod but no avail.

    If I don't get one within the next week I may as well delete the game as it will be pointless playing if I can't repair and sell the cars.

    If I do eventually get one though I'll know to buy loads.

    Apart from this one major flaw I love the game