Cancel sale

  • Can y'all make it to where we can cancel selling a car part in case we sold it cheaper than intended. I play this game at bed time a lot and sometimes when I'm tired I take a little too long to press sell so I accidentally sell a $17,000 part for $1000 and there's no way to back out.;(;( It's very aggravating to lose that much money. Give us like an extra 3 seconds to cancel the sale.

  • I totally agree, there has been many times that I hit the button and it doesn't take and I try to hit the button again and still doesn't take and then I hit a third time and the price changed from 4k to 400. If they changed it from having to hit that tiny ass sell button to being able to hit just the picture in general it would make it a lot easier. The pictures of the parts are way easier to hit than that tiny ass button I don't understand why they haven't already implemented this.