• I have had the game for about 3-4 days now. I have salvaged about 70-80 vehicles and have yet to get a SINGLE brick to repair the recycling building. I have $120,000 in the bank at the moment and the game just keeps sending me cheap $2,000-$8000 vehicles. Why can I not get a single brick ? My inventory is around 350 items at the moment but 0 bricks.

  • Bricks are a nightmare to get as is glass, took me over 3 wks to get it sorted. You just have to keep smashing up as many cars as you can.

    The recycle centre you can get glass from and everything else except bricks and cement. You just have to plod on mate. I say that and I’m on level 22.

  • А вот у меня другая проблема, мне не создать запчасть штанга и завод её не изготавливает