• I was thinking about a few suggestions for the game. I will list them and try my best to explain what I mean.

    1. When the compactor/salvage machine is done, put an exclamation point over it like when the parts are done being stripped

    2. Make it possible to buy any reaource at any time(I dont have stone but need to buy it, dont see a way to buy it)

    3. Maybe create 3 more slots in the compactor/salvage machine for the queue section that you can perma buy with gems(10,20,30)

    4. Can you make the font a little larger or bolder, I have a hard time seeing it

    5. Can you make it so the game can be in landscape mode either way you tilt your device(mine doesn’t rotate for my ios device)

    6.I have noticed the zoom in and out function is very glitchy for me, is there a possible update or modification to make the zoom in and out smoother?

    Any more suggestions I might have or anyone else has, add to the thread and lets see if anything looks cool for the developers to possibly look into adding.


  • It would be awesome if the landscape was condensed and easier to navigate. The zoom function on my xs max is glitchy and the squeeze action is inconsistent based on the orientation of the phone.

    If you could make two roads for each building to run along so the landscape wasn’t so linear, that may help.

  • Another idea/request

    1: let us use gems (20 per extra slot upto 3?) to unlock permenent queue slots for the car baler

    2: have another baler entirely

    3: build a “hidden warehouse/vault” to store 50-75% of your illegal goods?

    4: ways to increase energy cap

    5: add mini businesses to auto generate small amounts of money/gems (fishing, mining, restaurant, airstrip)

    6: an upgrade that lets you pick what level/type of cars are brought to you(only works on vehicles under your level)

    7: maybe make the illegal goods buyers slightly more frequent