JYT Coins System - Win Gift By Your Activity In The Forum!

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    We have activated a new system within the Forum. With this system, you will collect JYT Coin for the things you do in the forum and you can buy items from JYT Shop with JYT Coin. So the more active you are in the forum, the more points you will be able to collect and receive gifts.


    Win Gift By Your Activity In The Forum!

    You will be able to win JYT Coin in some transactions you make in the Forum. Below you can see how much JYT Coin can win.


    You Can Buy Items in The Store with JYT Coins!

    In the top right corner of the forum you can see the JYT Coin icon and the total number of JYT Coins. When you click this icon, you can reach the store by clicking the shopping cart icon in the window that opens.


    On the opened page, you can see the items that are currently on sale in the store and buy them with JYT Coins.


    Your Purchased Items Instantly on Your Account in the Forum!

    You can see the product you purchased from the store in the message box in the forum.



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