• Hi,

    You can get the glass you need to repair buildings by breaking a car. You can get scrap material by pressing the trunks of cars. After repairing the Recycling Factory, you can produce glass using scrap materials.

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  • buy all cheap cars All you will get there I've played a week with no gems only dismantled cars and I'm on my 5th building cement is most annoying get stuck with 3or 4 every other day then have to wait a day for 1 for it great game just need tweeking and updating on the problem hopefully soon when they do sort that I'll start buying the gem packs

  • How can i get concrete didnt get any one of them, and how can i save my game to playing in difference device link to google or facebook plz add this thing

  • Jason what building have you done?

    Forest seems like it was a total waste, way to expensive and get Jack crap out of production for it. Timber should almost be self generating out of it.