Slow and frustrating

  • The game is extremely slow paced and the constantly revolving price for parts is unrealistic and infuriating. No business owner would ever sell parts at a loss of profit. I understand that they are trying to simulate a fluctuating market but they should at least keep the fluctuation within a certain price range. If the break even on a part is $1000 then perhaps they could make the fluctuations range from 900 to 2000 rather than seeing sale prices of $50. I also think the game would benefit from a change in car acquisition method, perhaps there could be a list of cars available within a certain time and the player could choose which cars to buy.

  • Also the illegal weapons aspect of the game is an unusual subplot. It happens far too often with two little reward, if you are running a successful business it isn’t even worth trying to obtain them. Unless the developers were intentionally making the point that crime does not pay it is an unnecessary part of the game. Perhaps they could make it a more rare occurrence with special rewards for collecting it.

  • I’ve never posted in a forum before. I have to say the extreme slow pace of this game is frustrating and will ultimately lead me to stop playing. I do like the premise, but it is falling short on the delivery

  • Yes really low rewards for seling illegals items, buying cars will be better if they add a way to buy them from lets say a auction or market, inlike the game but the higher level u get it takes longer to do anything and more expensive making the game boring

  • illegal item can give diffent things. Just dont except the reward. It will still show up later. Something good is bound to pop up.

    I have been gathering the illegal items and the only offers I’ve ever got for them were for money between $50 and $700 or for energy. Both of those rewards seem not worth the risk or effort

  • any one else getting ripped off when buying cars.

    I hit buy it takes my money but i dont get a car this has happened twice in the last 24hours lost heaps of money .

  • aford18. Happened to me. I bought a stingrays, but it wouldn't let me put it on the ramps so I thought maybe I had to upgrade to the hero lot. Well doing that made the car disappear. Reported almost 24 hours ago and no response from them.

  • its always good to log out using the x in the corner once in a while. It would steal my engery trying to scrap a car after usin diagnostics for sale of car. I found loging out after diagnosing is what worked for me

  • I’m trying to play and I’m enjoying the game, but I think I will take like 6 years to buy the scanner, 12 to open the brims factory and 45 years to open the Showroom. It’s really hard to find materials piece. They could fix that. Thanks

  • Es ist kein Hexenwerk das Baumaterial zusammen zu bekommen. Immer ordentlich Autos zerlegen und bei den Waffen auf gute Angebote warten. So hab ich in knapp 2 Wochen alle Gebäude bis auf das Autohaus freigeschaltete. Jetzt produziere ich 3 mal am Tag je 2 mal Baumaterial und bin in ca. 1 Woche auch mit dem Autohaus fertig. Dazu wurde das benötigte Material ja auch noch angepasst, was im Vergleich zu den vorherigen Werten gut machbar ist. Also sich etwas gedult üben und dann ist man schneller fertig als man denkt

  • Detalhes ...

    Estou com problemas para produzir arame de solda, ou o martelo, mas precisa de arame de solda, e não funciona, único item que precisa para reconstruir vários caros.

    Aguem ajuda ???????? Obrigado

  • Its not hard to get materials, just build all those buildings that produces it, and dont waste money buying any cars. Concentrate on those that gives higher return like tols royce, johnny deere 1050, qrysler, zitroen cx, zag aa etc... buy it at 15-25k and sell it like 40-60k.