Got a new phone, all my stuff is gone

  • I just bought a new phone and need to turn my old one in.

    I did a backup of the old phone with iTunes (iPhone 6s plus) and restored it onto the new phone (IPhone XR).

    The application is on the phone but my account is gone. I am on Level 20 and have bought quite a few coins along the way.

    I don’t fancy starting over - there has to be a way to move my account to my new phone? Please help!

  • The lack of response from the application developers here as well as to my support ticket I opened is unfortunate.

    I bought some diamonds to get to L20. Not a lot, but some. I watched a lot of videos and other things.

    I enjoy the game

    But I don’t want to start over. I don’t want to invest any more time in a game knowing if something happens to my phone, all my progress is lost.

    I don’t want to play the next 2 years, get another new phone, and discover I can’t transfer 2 years of progress to another new phone.

    If I don’t return the old phone in a few more days I don’t get the $180 trade in credit I was offered.

    Hopefully someone hears me.

  • Hi all,

    The Junkyard Tycoon is an offline game, so no data is stored online, we can not get back the old data. We have started the online backup Project. If you had Diamonds in your lost company, send Diamond Order ID's to Junkyard Tycoon Supoort Team, to get them back for your new company. Visit to contact Support Team. Again, we are really sorry about the issue. Keep your eye on Junkyard Tycoon social media channels and website for patch notes.

    Have a great day!

  • same issue here as well got a new Android device and have to start over don't really want to do that lol. Was running android 4.1 now I'm on android 9.0 Samsung Galaxy A50