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    Hi all I find tractors give me more stone than others👍 Had 4 drop from one tractor could be a random act but 3 tractors in 1 day gave me 8 stone in total

    I understand it’s frustrating but would you rather you get all the items in a week and max out all buildings and complete the game in 2/3 weeks?? This is a game which takes time to progress and build things, yes it takes ages but it keeps you playing, I bet in 4 weeks time your mates have quit playing because they are bored with it as they can’t upgrade anything just break down cars cos they have paid to play and maxed out to soon.

    Do you guys think it is possible to have the look of buildings and the yard change with upgrades? I’ve upgraded my buildings 5/6 times and they look the same as lvl 1. Also the shabby wooden broken sign at my entrance could have a site name I.e I get to name my yard , would be a nice touch