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    I have noticed recently that the Sell Price on the parts on some vehicles seems too low, to the point where I have actually lost money on some vehicles.

    For example, the Dotgi Airflow Tank parts max sell price SHOULD add up to $40,162.00 but instead only add up to $33,325.00.

    The Zort Model A max prices should add up to $20,627.00 but instead adds up to $16,864.00

    I think there have been a few others but I don’t recall which ones.

    My biggest issue is the “Sell” button is sometimes difficult to tap and by the second or third time I tap and it finally clicks the price has changed.

    I would like to see some kind of confirm sale price option!

    In my opinion, I would like the “Sell” button changed to simply accept offer and hold the price, then have a separate button to sell the items that you have accepted the prices.

    This would eliminate missing the button or tapping it just as the price changes and accidentally getting a different price, and also avoid a pop up “Confirm Sale” button that may cause you to miss out on another sale.