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    I wish you luck, Ace. At level 20 and lost all my stuff too. Opened a support ticket a couple days ago and posted here with no help or response from the developers. Hopefully they help both of us! I will check with the apple store in my case to see if there’s any chance of getting my diamond purchases refunded - but I am almost certain the answer will be no.

    The lack of response from the application developers here as well as to my support ticket I opened is unfortunate.

    I bought some diamonds to get to L20. Not a lot, but some. I watched a lot of videos and other things.

    I enjoy the game

    But I don’t want to start over. I don’t want to invest any more time in a game knowing if something happens to my phone, all my progress is lost.

    I don’t want to play the next 2 years, get another new phone, and discover I can’t transfer 2 years of progress to another new phone.

    If I don’t return the old phone in a few more days I don’t get the $180 trade in credit I was offered.

    Hopefully someone hears me.

    I just bought a new phone and need to turn my old one in.

    I did a backup of the old phone with iTunes (iPhone 6s plus) and restored it onto the new phone (IPhone XR).

    The application is on the phone but my account is gone. I am on Level 20 and have bought quite a few coins along the way.

    I don’t fancy starting over - there has to be a way to move my account to my new phone? Please help!